ASTONRail – Industry questionnaire (1/3)

ASTONRail – Industry questionnaire (1/3)

The railway-industry has an international character, demonstrated in all of its sectors –industry, rail network, companies providing the rail freight and passenger services, international organisations, etc. Whilst this fact is undisdinctively positive, it can also generate added complexity in the labour market.

Therefore, the AstonRail Project aims at better understanding what requirements the industry has towards the training of future engineers.

The survey is divided into 3 sections, questionnaire 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. Please make sure you click on submit at the end of each section.

Please take several minutes to answer the following 25 questions.

Please, consider a 5-year period when answering each question.


1. From the point of view and needs of your company, does the demand for skilled workforce exceed supply? *
2. Which is the approximated percentage of your company’s employees with each of the following education levels?
High School
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree
Doctoral Degree
3. What is the preferred kind of education background when hiring new employees in your company?
4. When recruiting new employees, your company prefers people with a Degree in:*
Multiple choice possible.
5. Does your company provide professional internships for university students during their studies?
Please provide the answer in months.
6. Is your company a partner of a dual study course?*
Dual courses combine academic studies with practical experience in a company.
7. Does your company accept recent graduates without previous practical experience?
8. Which of the requirements for previous practical experience of newly hired employees are preferred in your company?*
Multiple choice is possible.
9. Is intensive training required after graduates start working in your company?
Training may be considered intensive when it lasts for periods of one month or longer.
10. Given the following rail career matrix, what is the approximated percentage of your employees for each of the different levels portrayed?