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ASTONRail Methods Catalogue

This is a catalogue of teaching and learning types, teaching and learning methods and assessment methods applicable in railway teaching and learning, developed within the ASTONRail project, to modernize rail teaching and learning. Each type or method is equipped with at least one best practice example provided by the project partner universities.

Are you interested in types and methods for new teaching and learning? Great! Have a look on the following pages and find your type/method for teaching, learning and assessment in the railway sector.

We have collected useful information in a database.

In case you are with teaching background and you want to update or add a type or method, please, do this with the following steps:

  1. Check whether the type or method already exists in the database –> check database
    1. if so, edit the course on the course site shown in the database
  2. Please, update the entries/best practice number and update date below manually (as long as we havn't automated this step).

At the moment the database has 41 entries and provides 65 best practice examples. Last update was on 28 May 2023.

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