ASTONRail – Questionnaire
2. Please select your age range:
3. Please select your gender:
4. In which level are you currently studying?
5. How do you usually get to your school/university/work centre?
5b. How much time do you spend commuting on average per day?
6. How often do you use the railway or tram or underground/metro?
7. When there are transport alternatives, do you normally choose railway or tram or underground/metro?
8. Do you think that the train or the metro can be an alternative in your daily transport?
9. Select the three most important reasons to use the railway, tram or underground/metro systems more often:
10. Do you think that the train/metro is a sustainable way of transportation and/or with a reduced environmental impact?
11. Do you know someone who works in the railway sector?
11b. If you answered yes, in what area/s? (multiple choice)
12. Do you usually consume fiction or entertainment products such as series, documentaries, videos, books, news, cartoons, podcasts, youtubers… related to the railway (Snowpiercer series, Thomas&Friends)?
13. Do you know of any promotional campaign for the railway sector (to promote its use or as a professional)?
14. Do you think that the railway sector offers employment opportunities for young graduates?
15. Have you ever thought about working in the railway sector when you think about your professional career?
16. Would you like to study to work in the railway sector?
16b. In case you said yes or maybe in the above question, what type of education in railway do you prefer? Please, choose one option:
17. Do you usually look for a job or training offers in the railway sector
18. Do you know any of the professional opportunities that the railway sector can offer you in your field of study?
19. If you answered yes to the previous question, indicate your level of interest in the following activities within the railway sector?
Administration / management
Station employee
20. Do you know the European initiative Interrail (the one train pass to travel over Europe for residents in Europe)?